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Four countries to receive €65M from EC to support Ukrainian refugees

12/19/2023 - 09:41

The European Commission will provide over €65M to aid member states of the union that are currently housing the greatest number of Ukrainian migrants.

NakNakNak via flickr
NakNakNak via flickr
"The European Commission (...) has determined to provide Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, and the Czech Republic with assistance in hosting individuals by allocating over €65 million from the Asylum, Migration, and Integration Fund (...)," reads the EC communiqué. This decision was made in response to a specific demand for funding for projects that would lessen the load on these member states' capacity to absorb newcomers and would assist them in making sure that those who are granted temporary protection receive the support, services, and assistance that they require.

Over 4.1 million Ukrainian refugees are currently residing in the European Union and are covered by temporary protection that was recently extended to March 2025.

With this additional funding from the EU budget, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, and the Czech Republic can now assist recipients of temporary protection as they transition from communal to private housing, offering them access to social and health services, language and vocational training, and financial support during the transition period, according to Brussels.



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