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Former Wirecard top manager is put on international wanted list

08/13/2020 - 07:39

Interpol has put the former operating director of the German company Wirecard Jan Marsalek on the international wanted list. His photograph was published on the organization's website. The media reported that he may be hiding in Russia.

Web Summit via flickr
Web Summit via flickr
The search for Jan Marsalek is also reported by the Federal Office for Criminal Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany (BKA). He is suspected that, along with another senior Wirecard manager, he overstated the company's sales and account balances to make it more attractive to investors and customers. The exact date of these events is not known, but it happened “no later than 2015”.

In June, during the audit, it became known that the accounts of the Wirecard payment system lacked €1.9 billion. As a result, three top managers were arrested, including the former CEO of the company, Marcus Brown. The media reported that Mr. Marsalek may be in Russia. The Kremlin claims that they do not know about the flight of the top manager to the country.

Wirecard was founded in 1999. The company is engaged in online payment processing, various online financial services, and card issuance.


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