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Five countries dependent on tourism

08/08/2017 - 17:23

Globalization and new opportunities for travel resulted in the fact that number of tourists traveling to foreign countries is growing every year.

Accordingly, incomes of the most popular touristic countries are also growing. Some are more popular than others, but not all countries are equally dependent on tourist flows.

Countries with the largest GDP in the tourism industry include the following:

1. The United States - $ 488 million

2. China - $ 224 billion

3. Germany - $ 130.8 billion

4. Japan - $ 106.7 billion

5. Great Britain - $ 103.7 billion

6. France - $ 89.2 billion

7. Mexico - $ 79.7 billion

8. Italy - $ 76.3 billion

9. Spain - $ 68.8 billion

10. Brazil - $ 56.3 billion

However, as strange as it may seem, these countries are not the most dependent on tourism. These are poor ones with a relatively low population and, accordingly, with a small GDP, a significant proportion of which is tourism.

Here is the list of five countries the most dependent on the tourist industry.

1. Malta - 15%

Malta is an island state in the Mediterranean Sea, in the Maltese archipelago. The main industry of Malta's economy is tourism. The flow of tourists to the island is continuously growing. Malta is one of the world's largest centers for learning English and welcomes students from all over the world.

Due to the wide variety of urban and natural landscapes, Malta is a popular venue for filming feature films.

Crafts Village is a popular souvenir market among tourists. The place consists of many pavilions, where products of national Maltese crafts are sold. Malta is known for handmade pieces of multi-colored glass. Masters in small workshops located nearby can make a small vase or a small rabbit in just a few minutes.

All kinds of dishes, vases, figurines of animals, birds, "sleeping woman" (Maltese Venus), flowers, magnets, facing tiles, jewelry, lamps, watches, photo frames and mirrors can be purchased at factory prices. Items with copies of paintings of world-famous artists (Vincent Van Gogh, Gustav Klimt) cost several hundred euros.

2. Croatia - 15%

Croatia is a state in the south of Central Europe, partly in the west of the Balkan Peninsula. Croatia's Adriatic coast and numerous islands are a popular destination for international tourism.

The tourism industry in Croatia is well developed and is one of the important components of the Croatian economy. Adriatic coast is a popular place among yachtsmen, divers and fans of windsurfing.

The tourist season on the Adriatic lasts from the second half of May to the beginning of October. Remote regions of the country, Croatia's capital, Zagreb, Varaždin with a well-preserved baroque ensemble and the national park Plitvice Lakes are most popular with tourists.

Seven sites in Croatia are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, another 15 are on the preliminary list. Also there are 8 national and 11 natural parks in the country.

3. Thailand - 9.3%

Thailand is a South-East Asian state, located in the southwestern part of the Indochina Peninsula and in the northern part of the Malay Peninsula.

Tourism in Thailand is one of the main branches of the country's economy. Revenues from tourism constitute a significant share of Thailand's GDP. The Tourism Authority of Thailand was the first organization that actively engaged in promoting Thailand to the world tourism markets.

Currently there are about 29 local offices of the Tourist Office in Thailand and more than 21 offices around the world.

The country is one of the main tourist centers in South-East Asia. Tourists from Asia are mainly attracted by historical and cultural and natural attractions in Bangkok and its environs, while Westerners prefer the southern part of Thailand with its beaches and islands.

Every year Thailand welcomes increasing number of people coming from the northern latitudes for a long-term "wintering". Usually they stay in Thailand from November to April, that is, during the most climatically favorable time of the year.

4. Jamaica - 8.9%

Jamaica is an island nation in the Caribbean Sea, south of Cuba, west of Haiti. The main sector of the Jamaican economy is services.

The tourism of Jamaica does not stand still and is constantly developing.

Montego Bay is the second largest city in Jamaica. it hosts one of the international airports and the center of a huge resort area in the north-west of the island. Almost half of the luxury hotels with excellent sandy beaches are concentrated here. The resort has a great variety of restaurants and lively nightlife, and the best on the island golf courses lies in the vicinity of the city.

The island has a traditionally well-established service. However, guests from the north come to Jamaica not only for comfort and service, but for a unique, relaxed atmosphere, which can only be found on the islands of the Caribbean.

5. Iceland - 8.2%

The main tourist flows come from Great Britain, Germany and the USA.

Reykjavik is the tourist gate of Iceland and the center of the metropolitan area with a population of 200 thousand inhabitants. 

There are all kinds of volcanoes in the west of the country, and mineral water comes to the surface either cool or in beating hot pillars. One of the biggest springs in Europe is Daldartunghwher, where the water velocity reaches 48 l/s. One of the best examples is the ancient Snøfelsjökul crater, which lies under the glacier.

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