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Fifteen-Year-Old Teenager Entered the US Presidential Race

08/20/2015 - 15:10

A teenager from Iowa Brady Olson has registered as a candidate for the US presidency. He described himself as ‘Deez Nuts’ filling out an application on the site of the Federal Election Commission (FEC), reports New York Post.

deez nuts
deez nuts
- The next step will be to find a party that would support my candidacy, such as the Minnesota Independence Party or ‘Modern Whigs’ - said the 15-year-old Olson.
- Still it would be nice to pick up Vice President, McCubbins, for example, because the line in the bulletin "Nuts/ McCubbins" would look good.

Deez Nuts gained fame when a letter to Sociological Service of Public Policy Polling was sent on his behalf. It said: ‘My name is Deez Nuts, and I run for president. Can you estimate my ranking?’
- I thought that we can do it, - Jim Williams, the representative of the organization to study public opinion, told to reporters.

According to Williams, Nuts got 8 percent in Iowa and 9 percent in North Carolina. Soon, Twitter users around the world have already discussed the newly appointed candidate. His competitors are other potential candidates registered on the FIC. Among them are the President Emperor Caesar, Jack Sparrow and Old Savior.

Limberbutt McCubbins is a cat from Kentucky. The pet’s application was offered by a friend of his 18-year-old owner, who filled out the FIC questionnaire online, having registered the cat as a candidate to participate in the presidential election. McCubbins’s slogan on his page in Facebook: Time is meow! It is reported that lawyers have found volunteers willing to represent the interests of the cat during the election campaign.