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Facebook, Microsoft and Google join financial aid freeze for Democrats and Republicans

01/12/2021 - 04:12

Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Ford and Dow have joined banks in stopping donations to Democratic and Republican Party members amid the recent riots at the Capitol building in Washington. The companies want to review last week's events, Axios reported.

Facebook is freezing all political donations and is starting to review its spending practices for such purposes, Facebook spokesman told Axios.

Microsoft recalled that the company routinely suspends its donations in the first quarter of the incoming Congress, it said. This year, however, the corporation will take "additional steps" and consult with employees.

"We have frozen all political contributions to NetPAC (Google's political action committee) while it reviews its policies following the troubling events last week," Google spokeswoman Jose Castaneda said (quoted by Reuters).

Earlier, two major US banks, JP Morgan and Citigroup, as well as bank holding company Commerce Bancshares, announced the suspension of policy contributions. According to Bloomberg, Goldman Sachs may join them in the near future.

In addition to banks, medical equipment manufacturer Boston Scientific, hotel chain Marriott International and insurance company Blue Cross Blue Shield have also reached the same decision.

On 6 January, supporters of incumbent US President Donald Trump stormed the US Congress building and tried to disrupt the confirmation of the presidential election victory of his rival, Democrat Joe Biden. The rioting left five people dead, more than 50 detained, and resulted in 25 domestic terrorism prosecutions. Democratic congressmen introduced two resolutions in the House of Representatives to remove Mr. Trump from power early.


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