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FT: U.S. authorities stop issuing licenses to export U.S. technology to Huawei

01/31/2023 - 08:24

The Financial Times reports that the American administration has ceased granting licenses to American businesses to sell goods to the Chinese company Huawei and is considering formalizing the prohibition.

A4-Nieuws via flickr
A4-Nieuws via flickr
During Donald Trump's presidency, shipments to Huawei, one of the forerunners in the implementation of 5G mobile communications networks, were restricted and made feasible only with government clearance.

According to the story, which cited "a few people familiar with the conversations within the administration," "The Commerce Department has alerted a number of companies that it is no longer giving export licenses for U.S. technology to Huawei."

Bloomberg notes that a number of government representatives in the Joe Biden administration support prohibiting any sales to the Chinese firm, which is thought to be connected to the Chinese military and government.



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