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FT: The US may ban imports of Russian uranium this year

02/12/2024 - 02:22

The Financial Times claimed, citing members of the US nuclear industry, that a restriction on imports of Russian enriched uranium into the US might be implemented as soon as this year. The US Congress's lower house approved the bill in December 2023.

IAEA Imagebank
IAEA Imagebank
The measure permits lifting of the moratorium in the event that US nuclear reactors cannot be powered by any other feasible source of uranium. The president must sign the document after it has been approved by both houses of Congress for it to become operative.

The newspaper claims that after two years of stockpiling enriched uranium fuel, the US nuclear sector is prepared to wean itself off of supplies from Russia, its main source. It is mentioned that American Centrus, French Orano, and Urenco are the businesses from which the US plans to purchase uranium.

As per the US Department of Commerce, Russia broke the 2009 record in 2023 by selling the US more than $1.2 billion worth of uranium. Russia continued to lead the nations that export enriched uranium to the United States last year.