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Experts reveal smart home market trends

12/24/2019 - 10:26

This year, a number of smart home appliances developers, such as Apple, Google or Amazon, decided to standardize their devices. In general, over the year, cameras, screens, kitchens and switches have become noticeably “smarter” thanks to the growing cooperation between manufacturers of equipment and software.

Robert Basic
Robert Basic
Apple, Google, Amazon, and the Zigbee Alliance, a standardization organization, announced plans to collaborate on a common standard for smart home devices. Their Connected Home over IP project is expected to simplify development for device manufacturers and increase their compatibility among themselves, as well as with mobile applications, cloud services and voice assistants Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. A working group created by the companies will work on an open source standard to develop and implement a unified communications protocol.

The issue of standardizing the smart home gadget market is becoming increasingly relevant, as this market is growing rapidly. According to the IDC research company, this year the growth will be 23.5% compared with the previous one: about 815 million smart devices for home will be delivered, and by 2023, supplies will grow to 1.4 billion a year.

In this regard, CNET experts have prepared a list of 2019 trends in the market for smart home devices. Among the most relevant trends was personalization of alerts from smart cameras. The cameras now are able to understand who they record - a car, a person, a cat or a package. Moreover, owners can choose what kind of information from the camera they want to receive. For example, the camera can be configured in such a way that it will notify you if someone left the package at the door, but will not send alerts if someone just rang the doorbell. Also, the echolocation function is increasingly appearing in smart gadgets - using infrasound waves, the device will be able to determine whether the user is in the room.

Cameras on smart screens are often equipped with shutters that can be closed when the camera is not in use, which helps to remove some of the privacy issues. Among the smart screens that have already been equipped with such shutters are Lenovo Smart Display, JBL Link View, Amazon Echo Show 5 and Show 8. Another trend related to smart screens is that manufacturers are increasingly adding gesture control to them. For example, you can turn on the music by lifting a finger to your lips, and turn it off by raising your hand. Among other things, such functions make it possible to control a “smart” screen, while continuing to listen to music or watch a movie.