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Europe's most loved brands

05/30/2016 - 16:19

Netbase company analyzed 6.5 million messages on social networks in 50 European countries over the past year. The study’s results are revealing types of businesses on which consumers often respond with love.

William Hook via flickr
William Hook via flickr
Based on these reports, Netbase made up the top 50 of best-loved brands in Europe.

Below is a list of the 10 most loved brands.

10. Porsche - 106 249 references

Porsche is a German carmaker, which specializes in the production of sports cars and SUVs. In March, the company reported an increase in profit by 25%.

It is noted that the company's success is largely obliged to the increase in sales of off-road vehicles, such as the Cayenne and Macan.

9. Ferrari - 125 178

The Italian sports car manufacturer Ferrari is very famous and popular in Europe. Ferrari produces three types of cars: sports cars, two seaters and exotic hypercars.

8. Audi - 126 748

German automaker Audi has become the second most popular car brand in Europe.

Audi’s wide range includes family cars and supercars. In May, the company has announced its plans to produce one electric car a year starting from 2018. CEO Rupert Stadler said that Audi plans to launch production of unmanned vehicles by 2025.

7. Tesco - 127 215

Britain's biggest supermarket chain Tesco is widespread in Europe and Asia.

In April, the company returned to profitability after huge losses suffered in 2015 - £ 6.4 billion ($ 9.3 billion).

6. Chanel - 128 337

Chanel has become the most favorite brand in the fashion industry in Europe. It was founded in 1909 by designer Coco Chanel.

This French brand is known for its vivid impressions, about which so much is said and written in the press.

5. Adidas - 129 241

German sports brand Adidas is popular more than Nike in Europe. Adidas was founded by Adolf Dassler, after a quarrel with his brother Rudolf Dassler. Rudolf founded a little less popular brand of sportswear Puma.

4. BMW - 157 189

BMW is celebrating its centenary in 2016. In this anniversary year, the automaker has become the most favorite car brand in Europe.

To keep pace with the times, the German car manufacturer has announced some more new areas to develop – these are digital maps, sensor technologies and artificial intelligence.

3. Lego - 280 343 

The Danish toy production company Lego is very popular among children worldwide. Thanks to it, the brand has become the second most favorite among the consumer goods brands.

However, the company recently faced severe criticism. In October 2015, the company did not agree to provide dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei with a large batch of the construction kit’s pieces. The company explained that it cannot the parts if they are to be used for political actions and performances.

2. Google - 1 257 800

2015 has brought a lot of changes to Google, and the company’s reorganized structure is just one of them.

However, the Google brand is still very popular among users so that it even took second place in the ranking.

1. Apple - 2 269 650

Apple is the most favorite brand in Europe.

In general, despite the fact that there are only 5 IT companies in the ranking of the 50 most loved brands in Europe, they received almost 64% of all reviews in the area.