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Emirates to cut number of flights to US due to 5G rollout

01/19/2022 - 08:21

Emirates airline Emirates has said it will reduce the number of flights to the US due to the deployment of 5G cellular network infrastructure near a number of US airports.

Michael Tikhonoff
Michael Tikhonoff
"Emirates will suspend flights to the following US destinations from 19 January 2022 until further notice," the carrier said in a statement. According to the text, the decision is taken due to "concerns related to the planned deployment of 5G mobile networks at certain US airports".

The airline will not operate flights to Boston, Dallas, Chicago, Miami, Houston, Orlando, Newark, San Francisco and Seattle. Emirates flights to Los Angeles, New York and Washington DC will continue as scheduled.

Mobile phone operators in the US planned to begin installing 5G hardware near 88 airports from 19 January, after a six-month moratorium agreed with regulators, which presumably could conflict with aircraft avionics. On Tuesday, mobile operators decided to delay the launch of 5G towers near airports following calls from airlines.

The US Federal Aviation Administration said the day before that it was allowing about 45% of the US commercial aircraft fleet to land in low visibility conditions at airports where 5G infrastructure would be installed. These aircraft are equipped with two models of radar altimeters, which the regulator has approved for use in the 5G footprint.

Earlier, heads of major US air carriers Delta Airlines, United Airlines, FedEx, UPS and other companies urged the US administration not to allow 5G cellular network infrastructure to be placed near airports and warned that otherwise hundreds of flights would be cancelled across the country every day.