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Elon Musk to join Twitter's board of directors

04/06/2022 - 11:12

According to documents at the US Securities and Exchange Commission's website, Elon Musk, the American entrepreneur and founder of SpaceX and Tesla, will join the Board of Directors of Twitter for two years, after announcing his ownership of the company the day before (SEC).

James Duncan Davidson
James Duncan Davidson
Musk will be appointed to the board as a Class II director, with a term ending at the company's annual meeting of shareholders in 2024, according to the announcement.

Musk's appointment to the board of directors will take 90 days. His position in the company cannot be higher than 14.9 percent of the stock during his term on the board.

"Elon, thank you for coming! I am pleased to announce that Elon Musk has been appointed to our board (of directors)," the company's CEO Parag Agrawal wrote on Twitter, adding that a conversation with Musk revealed that he will "bring enormous value" to the business.