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Elon Musk finds new reason to refuse to buy Twitter

09/01/2022 - 09:06

Elon Musk found another justification for abandoning the $44 billion purchase of Twitter. The billionaire's attorneys referenced remarks made by the social network's former head of security, who charged management with negligent handling of user data.

NVIDIA Corporation via flickr
NVIDIA Corporation via flickr
Bloomberg quotes documents submitted in court by the billionaire's attorneys on Tuesday, August 30. Musk's attorneys cited allegations made by Peiter Zatko, formerly in charge of security at Twitter, in which he alleged that the firm did not adequately protect user data.

Zatko specifically stated that he frequently alerted managers of the social network's shortcomings in handling personal data, including the usage of out-of-date software, and that the senior officials of the company hid knowledge of cybersecurity breaches, the agency noted.

According to Musk's attorneys, Twitter broke terms of the agreement as a result of Zatko's allegations, which include "glaring inadequacies" in the platform's ability to secure users' data from hackers and other problems. They also drew attention to Zatko's assertions that Twitter executives were unaware of the number of spam or phony accounts on the social network.

Zatko was requested to testify in court by both parties. According to Bloomberg, the trial, which will have more than 100 witnesses, will start on October 17.

Prior to now, Twitter referred to Zatko's claims as "a fake article about Twitter and our privacy and data security standards that is replete with contradictions and falsehoods and lacks crucial context. "