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EU to fund Barcelona-Marseille hydrogen corridor project

06/19/2023 - 10:54

According to the news agency Europapress, which cited anonymous officials in the Spanish government, a project to build a hydrogen pipeline between Barcelona and Marseille (H2Med) has achieved the first favorable technical certification from the European Commission and can now apply for finance from the EU.

French President Emmanuel Macron announced the extension of the hydrogen pipeline (H2Med) between Barcelona and Marseille to Germany in January. The pipeline should be finished by 2030, President added.

Unnamed sources in the Ministry of Environmental Transformation told the agency that "the Spanish government submitted its candidacy to the competition of projects of general European interest (PCI) on December 16 and has now passed the first technical examination in Brussels, although it is not yet a final list."

Europapress claims that after doing a political analysis, Brussels will issue a final list in November along with a description of the projects that will be deemed to be "of general European interest." The amount of funds allocated to each project will also be included in the list, according to the newspaper.