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EU is urging Theresa May to reach agreement in Brexit talks

11/20/2017 - 04:05

The leaders of the European Union will insist that British Prime Minister Theresa May agree to their terms as soon as possible to begin negotiations on future trade relations after Brexit, Reuters reports.

Dave Kellam via flickr
Dave Kellam via flickr
Theresa May, through her representative, denied reports of her intention to increase the amount of the offer to pay the EU for withdrawing from it in order to settle London's obligations to the EU.

At the talks on labor and social reform in Gothenburg, May will have an opportunity to talk with her colleagues on the sidelines, although German Chancellor Angela Merkel will miss the event. The key moment may be May's meeting with Donald Tusk, the chairman of the summit, that controls the withdrawal of Britain from the EU.

According to the source of the EU, Tusk will remind May that "it is time" to justify the hopes that sufficient progress with regard to the harmonization of the terms of "the divorce" will be achieved very soon. EU authorities are expected to green-light this in the middle of next month.

As previously reported, Britain is speeding up preparations for "all possible events" that may happen when the country leaves the European Union.

At the same time, both sides of the talks hope that an agreement on how the more than 40-year partnership will be terminated be achieved will soon.

Since there are only 17 months left before the expected UK withdrawal from the EU, the slow pace of negotiations increased the probability of the break-up without any deal. Many business leaders are greatly worries and believe that it is high time to make investment decisions.

The pressure prompted the British government to step up its plans for Brexit, and to hire thousands of workers and spend millions of pounds to ensure that customs posts, laws and systems will work, if the deal between the EU and Britain doesn’t take place.


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