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EU introduces new tariffs on US goods in Boeing case

11/10/2020 - 03:17

As part of a trade dispute over subsidies for Boeing and Airbus, the European Union is imposing additional duties on a number of US products worth up to $4 billion in total.

The tariffs are introduced in response to supposedly illegal US subsidies to the manufacturer of Boeing aircraft. The World Trade Organisation (WTO) authorized their introduction in October. 

On Monday 9 November, the decision was published in the official EU magazine and the tariffs will take effect the next day.

In October, the EU published a list of potential products for which it can introduce tariffs. 

It includes, among others, frozen fish and shellfish, dried fruit, tobacco, rum and vodka, bags, motorbike parts and tractor parts, reports Deutsche Welle.

In 2019, the WTO allowed the United States to introduce its own tariffs on goods from the EU up to $7.5 billion in response to illegal government support for European aircraft manufacturer Airbus. 

EU products affected by US tariffs included Gouda cheese, single malt whisky and French wine.


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