The Strategist

EU does not expect uranium supply problems after Niger coup

08/02/2023 - 09:59

Spokesperson for the European Commission Adalbert Jahnz said that the EU possesses sizable stockpiles.

After the coup in Niger, the EU does not anticipate any issues with uranium supply because it has ample reserves and there are now enough offers on the global market, said Adalbert Jahnz, a representative of the European Commission, during a briefing in Brussels.

"In the near and medium terms, there is nothing endangering the stability of uranium supply to Europe." When questioned about the likelihood of a worsening in Europe's uranium supply as a result of Niger's refusal to supply France, he responded, "We have big reserves and there is also ample supply on the world market."

"Niger is a significant uranium supplier to several EU nations. It provides uranium in its natural state (as ore), which must then be processed into different chemical compounds and enhanced for use as fuel," he added.