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EU countries support ban on destruction of unsold clothing

05/15/2023 - 10:19

According to the FT, EU nations backed adoption of a restriction on the disposal of unsold and worn-out clothing.

A specific restriction on the destruction of "clothing and accessories" was backed by EU nations, according to the Financial Times, which cited sources and the draft plan that the publication had access to.

According to the FT, the EU wants to lower textile waste, which now makes up one-fifth of its carbon emissions. According to the European Commission, EU citizens emit up to 6 million tons of fabric annually, just a quarter of which is recycled.

The publication added that clothing is frequently thrown away or destroyed because retailers find it challenging to dispose of it properly. According to the newspaper, designer brands frequently destroy unsold inventory to keep it from turning up on the underground market.

Brussels unveiled the proposal in March, but the FT discovered that the European Commission did not prioritize a ban on clothes destruction. Despite the opposition of various nations, including Sweden, the standard was established and maintained, according to the newspaper. According to the FT, France, Germany, and the Netherlands were among the nations that lobbied for the ban.