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EBay profit grew five times

07/21/2016 - 17:14

Online retailer eBay Inc. reported that the quarterly revenue exceeded expectations. The company also improved its outlook for the current year, relying on the company's efforts to modernize its online trading platform.

Net profit in April-June was $ 435 million, or 38 cents per share, compared with $ 83 million, or 7 cents per share, obtained in the same period last year.

Earnings excluding one-off items rose to $ 0.43 per share from $ 0.42. Wall Street analysts on average evaluated adjusted earnings of $ 0.42 per share.

EBay's revenue increased by 5.7% to $ 2.23 billion versus $ 2.11 billion a year earlier, according to the statements. Analysts had expected the figure at $ 2.17 billion.

Number of active customers increased in the II quarter to 164 million compared to 162 million people three months earlier. Regarding the April-June 2015, the index rose by 4%.

"The second quarter was another one in which we have achieved reliable results", - said President and CEO Devin Wenig.

EBay’s net profit for the first six months of 2016 increased yoy by 29.3% to $ 917 million. Diluted net income per share for the reporting period amounted to $ 0.79 against a profit of $ 0.58 a year earlier. The company's revenues for January-June increased by 4.7% to $ 4.367 billion.

The company estimates that revenue in the III quarter will be $ 2,16-2,19 billion, and adjusted earnings will number 42-44 cents per share. At that, analysts are expecting $ 2.14 billion, or 44 cents per paper respectively.

The company retained earnings estimate for the full current year at $ 8,6-8,8 billion, while the profit forecast was raised to $ 1,85-1,9 per share in contrast to $ 1.82-1.87 per share expected in April.

Shares of eBay were up 8% after close of trading on Wednesday, when the company's Board of Directors also approved an increase in the buyback program up to $ 2.5 billion.

Not long ago, eBay launched a platform for business, with an goal to become a link between the companies in the B2B sector. The company’s trading in this area amounts to $ 4 billion a year, while Amazon’s figures there are only $ 1 billion.

EBay Business Supply marketplace launched two days ago offers products for small, medium and large resellers. The site includes categories such as production and working with metals, electrical and testing tools, heavy equipment, office supplies, restaurant equipment, medical and laboratory instruments.

Another section - Commercial Direct – is a service for management and accounting of companies’ material assets. There, companies may purchase goods for themselves. The section helps to manage inventory and sell own products as an approved eBay partner.

The new portal also offers corporate procurement service SAP AribaSpot Buy, provided by SAP Ariba. Companies can keep track of how their employees make purchases for the current needs not included in the permanent contracts. Through this service, employees may purchase goods for offices or plants at prices approved by their seniors. Furthermore, they can compare prices from different suppliers, and make decisions basing on this. 

Besides the abovementioned, EBay Business Supply features ExpressTech-Financing credit service.

"The more companies realize convenience of e-commerce in the B2B sector, the more we expand range of different categories in order to anticipate and stimulate development of the market, - says Pooja Piyaratna, manager of products for business and industry at eBay. - Rebranding section in a separate portal is the last step that we have taken to advance in the B2B sector".