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Crème de la Crème of the World Automakers: The Most Expensive Car Brands in the World

10/07/2015 - 15:44

Interbrand consultancy company has published a ranking of the most valuable brands in the world. The list, which consists of the 100 largest companies, includes 14 automakers. The most expensive occurred to be Toyota - the Japanese brand was estimated at 49 billion dollars. For the first time, Mini came in the list, which, according to estimates of Interbrand’s analysts, is worth about 4.2 billion dollars.

Taneli Rajala - flickr
Taneli Rajala - flickr

• Brand value: 49.048 billion dollars

The Japanese company, which consistently holds a leading place by the number of vehicles produced in the world, ranked first among auto companies according to Interbrand. In the overall classification, Toyota is the sixth, giving place to Apple, Google, Coca-Cola, Microsoft and IBM. The cost of the Japanese brand, according to analysts, is 49.048 billion dollars. Compared with last year, Toyota has risen by about 16%.


• Brand value: 37.212 billion dollars

BMW won the second place among car companies - the Bavarian brand is estimated at 37.212 billion dollars. Thus, it is also the most expensive premium brand in the world. Compared with last year, the cost of the BMW brand rose by about 9%. In the overall classification of all brands, the company took 11th place, staying behind Samsung and McDonalds.


• Brand value: 36.711 billion dollars

Another German car brand - Mercedes-Benz – stands behind BMW in the ranking. According to analysts, its current value is 36.711 billion dollars - 7% more than a year ago. Among the brands that have managed to get ahead of Mercedes-Benz, appear Disney, Intel, Nike and HP.


• Brand value: 22.975 billion dollars

The Japanese brand managed to take 19th place in the ranking. The brand value is 22.975 billion dollars (6% more than a year ago). According to this indicator, Honda powered past Louis Vuitton, Facebook, Pepsi, IKEA and eBay.


• Brand value: 12.545 billion dollars

The German brand, which became the epicenter of the major scandal in the history of the global automotive industry in September, is rated 35th, becoming the fifth among carmakers. The brand value is 12.545 billion dollars. However, Volkswagen is the only automotive brand in the top ten, the cost of which has fallen over the last year (-9%).


• Brand value: 11.578 billion dollars

The American brand steps back for Volkswagen with difference about one billion dollars - its value was estimated at 11.578 billion (38th place in the overall ranking). Compared with last year, the cost of the Ford brand grew by 6%.


• Brand value: 11.293 billion dollars

Hyundai parked itself just behind the Ford. According to Interbrand, the brand is worth about 11.293 billion dollars. In the general list, Hyundai outranked brands such as Canon, Hermes and L'Oreal. Compared with last year, the cost of Korean brand grew by 8%.


• Brand value: 10.328 billion dollars

Though the German premium cars manufacturer rose by 5% (up to 10.328 billion dollars) for the year, it finished at only 44th place in the overall ranking. In total, Audi managed to get ahead Citi and Philips.


• Brand value: 9.082 billion dollars

Nissan won only 49th position in the overall ranking, yet showed best growth dynamics among all automotive brands (19%). Today, Nissan brand is worth 9.082 billion dollars and is ahead of Gucci, Nestle and Siemens.


• Brand value: 8.055 billion dollars

The Porsche Brand went to the top ten most expensive automobile brands in the world. Its cost, according to Interbrand, was US $ 8.055 billion (an increase of 12%). In the overall rankings, where the German manufacturer of sports cars took 56th place, the company beat Sony, Visa, Adidas, Panasonic, Tiffany and Xerox.


• Brand value: 5.666 billion dollars

The Korean Kia brand turned out to be exactly twice as cheaper as Hyundai. According to Interbrand, it is worth about 5.666 billion dollars, and growth over the past year amounted to about 5%. In the overall ranking, Kia takes 74th place among the most expensive brands in the world.


• Brand value: 5.133 billion dollars

Although Chevrolet announced withdrawal from the European market, the company still got in the top 100 most valuable brands in the world this year. Chevrolet’s price is 5.133 billion dollars (an increase of 5%).

Land Rover

• Brand value: 5.109 billion dollars

Land Rover is slightly lagging behind Chevrolet in the overall rankings. The cost of the British brand is 5.109 billion dollars, while the growth reached 14% in the last year.


• Brand value: 4.131 billion dollars

For the first time, Mini came in the ranking. The company took 98th place  - the cost of the British brand was estimated at 4.131 billion dollars. By this indicator, Mini managed outranked Lenovo.