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Commodity traders earn $100bln in 2023

03/19/2024 - 02:05

According to calculations made by the consulting firm Oliver Wyman, businesses involved in commodity trading made $100 billion in profits overall by the end of 2023.

Public Domain Pictures
Public Domain Pictures
This is the second-highest figure after the record-breaking year of 2022, when overall earnings reached approximately $150 billion. After the turbulent events of 2022, which included supply chain disruptions, high market volatility, and increases in commodity prices, experts observe that 2023 was a year of balance.

Oliver Wyman also points out that strong returns in recent years have made it possible for commodity traders to amass a sizeable sum of free cash—between $70 billion and $120 billion, depending on the source. According to a survey of experts held by Bloomberg, the companies will use the money to invest in new initiatives, update their processes, and build new raw material storage facilities. 

"They have a fantastic chance to put these money to use. However, given that the manner the corporations will spend these funds will garner more attention, one cannot help but see a certain amount of anxiety in the market," said Oliver Wyman partner Adam Perkins in an interview with the agency.