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Coinbase: We will stay in the US

05/09/2023 - 05:26

CEO of bitcoin exchange Coinbase Brian Armstrong stated that the trading site will continue to operate in the US.

Ivan Radic
Ivan Radic
"Coinbase won't expand internationally. While acknowledging that "the US is a little bit behind right now" in terms of government regulation in this sector, Armstrong told CNBC that "we will always have a presence in the US."

"I would say we're seeing more thoughtful approaches, for example, in the EU they've actually already passed comprehensive cryptocurrency legislation, the UK has been incredibly welcoming, and for us that became a focal point when we decided to serve the UK market," he continued.

Armstrong claims that Coinbase wants to boost its foreign investments. As an example, the firm is particularly interested in investing more money in the United Arab Emirates.

Earlier in April, Armstrong declared that if the US government did not alter bitcoin regulation, Coinbase would investigate options for investing abroad, including a complete "move" from the US to other nations.