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Class action lawsuit filed in US against IKEA

05/13/2020 - 03:11

A class action lawsuit has been filed in the United States against Swedish furniture and home furniture manufacturer IKEA. According to USA Today, the lawsuit was filed with the federal court of the eastern district of Pennsylvania on last Wednesday.

Elliott Brown
Elliott Brown
The lawsuit was filed in connection with a number of accidents due to design errors in the Malm line of wardrobes in the United States several years ago. These dressers turned out to be extremely unstable, as a result of which three young children died in the United States in two years (all of them were no older than two years), each of which was crushed by a fallen chest of drawers.

After accidents, the company decided to recall about 29 million chests of drawers in the United States. At the same time, IKEA has long been aware of the dangerous instability of some types of chests of drawers, including Malm: in the last two years alone, the company recorded 14 cases of their fall, four of which resulted in injuries. In December 2016, IKEA reached an amicable settlement in a lawsuit with American families of three children who were crushed to death by the company's chests of drawers. The amount of compensation amounted to $ 50 million.

The new lawsuit says that the Swedish company did not actively withdraw unsuccessful products, and instead of monetary compensation for the return of the chest of drawers, offered American consumers a loan to buy other goods. This was reported by two plaintiffs from the state of Minnesota, who tried to return dressers in 2018. Other American consumers who have faced similar problems in returning goods may join the lawsuit. According to the lawsuit, dissatisfied consumers may demand from IKEA monetary compensation for the return of goods and compensation for moral damage.