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Chevron to set up hydrogen production using solar energy

03/04/2024 - 02:32

The US-based Chevron’s subsidiary Chevron New Energies revealed plans to build a 5-megawatt hydrogen production facility in the Central Valley of California.
"The project seeks to create low-carbon energy by utilizing solar, land, and non-potable produced water from Chevron's current assets in the Lost Hills oil field in Kern County." According to a news statement from the company, "This low carbon intensity (LCI) electrolytic hydrogen will be produced through electrolysis, which is the process of using electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen."

The plant is intended to produce two tons of LCI each day in order to serve the growing network of hydrogen refueling stations.

The completion of the project is anticipated to take many years, and Chevron stated that a flexible and supportive energy legislative and regulatory environment, the final engineering design, timely permitting, and the necessary materials would all play a role in when commercial operations begin.