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Boeing to Dismiss Employees

08/25/2015 - 14:49

Boeing Corporation before the end of 2015 may lay off "several hundred employees" of its satellite division due to the uncertainty of the US military spending and delays in orders for commercial satellite launches, Reuters reported, citing a source in the company. This is due to past failures of space launches, as well as uncertainty in the financing of projects by the US Eximbank.

Alex Beltyukov
Alex Beltyukov
A spokesman for Boeing Tim Neale confirmed the plans, however, without airing specific numbers. He noted that the dismissed staff will be able to find work in other parts of the corporation. He called the planned measures "essential to maintain the competitiveness of current and new projects".

Recently, the company expressed the view that China will buy 6330 aircraft worth 950 billion dollars in the next 20 years, according to the statement by the representative of the company.

This forecast is 5% higher than the estimates of demand for aircraft from China for 20 years that the company made last year. Thus, Boeing has increased its estimate, despite a slowdown in the Chinese economy and the downturn in the markets.

Boeing expects that China's fleet of commercial aircraft in the next 20 years will grow almost three times - from 2570 aircraft in 2014 to 7210 aircraft in 2034.

-    Despite the current volatility in the Chinese financial market, we expect strong growth in the country’s aviation sector in the long term, - vice president of marketing for Boeing Commercial Airplanes Randy Tinseth.

In June, Boeing forecasted that demand of world airlines for the next 20 years will amount to 38.05 thousand ships, which is 3.5% higher than the forecast in the previous year, the total price of the required new aircraft will be 5.6 trillion dollars.

Boeing produces a wide range of civil and military aircraft, is developing a space program. There are two major units in Boeing’s structure - Boeing Commercial Airplanes, engaged in the construction of civil aircraft, and Integrated Defense Systems, which performs space and military programs. The company's plants are located in 70 countries, products are delivered in 145 countries. Boeing is working with more than 5.2 thousand suppliers in 100 countries. The staff is about 159 thousand people.