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Bill Gates expects end of COVID epidemic no earlier than 2022

09/21/2020 - 03:13

Microsoft founder Bill Gates believes the coronavirus epidemic will end "at its best" in 2022. According to him, if the use of the vaccine is approved at the beginning of 2021, then the situation "will begin to return to normal" by the summer in the United States, and by the beginning of 2022 "activities will return to normal." He believes that for this, the United States should help other countries.

World Economic Forum
World Economic Forum
“The epidemic will end, at best, probably in 2022. However, over the course of 2021, with a global approach, we should knock the numbers down. Thank God, vaccine development technologies were already available, funding was received, and companies provided their best specialists. So I am optimistic that this will not last forever,” Mr. Gates told Fox News. He did not specify whether he was referring to the epidemic in the US or the world.

There are about 31 million cases of coronavirus infection in the world. The United States is the leader in the number of cases (6.8 million), in second and third places are taken by India (5.4 million) and Brazil (4.5 million). The number of deaths in the world exceeds 950 thousand.

Recall that Bill Gates allocated $ 650 million to fight COVID-19 and became the world's largest donor for this purpose. He calls for the distribution of the coronavirus vaccine based on people's needs, not their ability to pay.