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Bank of Japan: Curtailing ultra-soft policy will be a problem

11/10/2023 - 02:10

Winding down ultra-easy monetary policy will be a "serious challenge" for the Bank of Japan, according to Central Bank Governor Kazuo Ueda in an interview to the Financial Times.

European Central Bank
European Central Bank
He said it was too early to define a timeframe for normalizing monetary policy despite progress on inflation targets.

"When it comes to normalizing short-term interest rates, we must consider what is happening to financial institutions, what is happening to borrowers in general, and what is going to happen to aggregate demand." "That will be a significant challenge for us," Ueda said.

The Bank of Japan is the only major global central bank with a negative base interest rate. The FT notes that the Japanese central bank's tapering of stimulus policies might have major consequences for international debt markets, given that Japanese investors own trillions of dollars in foreign assets.