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Austrian Chancellor urges the police to focus on combating terrorism

11/03/2020 - 04:15

The protection of objects in Vienna, where unknown persons staged shooting in six places in the city, will move from police to the armed forces. The police will take decisive action against those responsible for "this terrible terrorist attack," Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said.

Michael Heigl
Michael Heigl
Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz said it was a "horrific terrorist attack" in connection with the Vienna shooting. The police, he said, will have to fight back the terrorists, so the Austrian government will transfer the protection of facilities in Vienna to the armed forces.

“It is good that our police have already managed to eliminate the criminal. Never will we let terrorism intimidate us and we will vigorously fight back these attacks,” wrote Kurz on Twitter. He added that the police should "fully focus on the fight against terrorism. The federal government has decided that the military will immediately take over the security of the property, which was previously carried out by the police in Vienna, the chancellor said.

“Our republic is going through difficult times now. I want to thank all the emergency services that are risking their lives, especially today, for our safety. Our police will take action against those responsible for this terrible attack,” he said.