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Australia's sovereign wealth fund assets grow by 8% over the year

01/24/2024 - 05:20

Australia's Future Fund assets increased by 8% in 2023 to a record high following a market rally at year-end on expectations that central banks would begin reducing interest rates.

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According to sources, state fund assets increased by $15.6 billion during the year to 211.85 billion Australian dollars ($139.2 billion) at the end of December. At the end of 2021, a high of $203.6 billion was achieved.

9.6% of Future Fund's assets were in Australian stocks, followed by 17.8% in businesses from other developed nations and 6.3% in emerging markets. 6.4% went to real estate, 9% went to cash, and 9.7% went to investments in land and infrastructure.

Last year's 8% growth in the fund was just below the aim of 8.4%. The statement notes that during the last ten years, the rise has averaged 8.2% a year, beyond the aim of 6.9%, but it does not explain why the amount fell short of the prediction.

The head of the fund's board of trustees, Peter Costello, stated that prices are still growing due to high inflation, a robust job market, and rising salaries.