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Apple Watch beat the first iPhone's sales record

04/25/2016 - 13:57

Analysts estimated that 12 million Apple Watch units have been sold worldwide during the past year. Thus, the "smart watch" by the Cupertino’s company came out twice as successful as the first iPhone, which sales in the debut year reached only 6 million copies.
Apple Watch were twice as successful as the first iPhone. Sunday, April 24 was a little jubilee for the gadget. Now it’s exactly a year since the "smart watch" from Apple Inc. went on sale. Until now, the company's management have not disclosed the official data on the gadget’s sales, and the financial report for the first quarter of this year will be released only on Tuesday. However, as reported by The Wall Street Journal referring to analysts' estimates, the volume of sales of the debut watch for the year amounted to about 12 million units. For comparison, the company's most popular product - iPhone - only got to the level of 6 million copies in 2007.

Apple Watch became the first truly new Apple’s product since the introduction of the iPad, which was released for sale in April 2010. By the way, the tablet still remains the most successful novelty of the American corporation. It was bought by 19.5 million users during the first year. As for the Apple Watch, it is also the company's first brainchild came out during new general director Tim Cook’s rule. At the same time, the gadget has a number of objective shortcomings. Among them are short life of the battery, which has to be recharged every day, the lack of mobile communication and GPS, and, most importantly, the absolute lack of independence. Apple Watch does not work without the iPhone, which makes it largely useless device. After all, every Apple Watch’s function is doubled on the smartphone. 

However, now Apple Watch is unconditional leader on the world market. According to IDC, they accounted for 61% of the sales of all producers.

Earlier it was reported that from June 1, Apple Watch will be independent of the iPhone. Now, installation applications on Apple Watch is impossible without the smartphone. Users should pair the wearable gadget with iPhone, download the desired application from the App Store in the smart phone, and then send its adapted version to the smart watch.

This process seemed quite time-consuming. To eliminate the problem, Apple has decided to oblige mobile software developers to rewrite all the watchOS applications for the platform watchOS 2 SDK. It came out a year ago, and allows using Apple Watch without iPhone.

On June 1, mobile applications that will not be copied to the specified platform, will be removed from the App Store, said the corporation. WatchOS 2 SDK will make Apple Watch applications autonomous and will save the owners from having to carry both smartphone and watch everywhere. In addition, stand-alone applications will free Apple Watch’s interface from slowdowns and bugs.