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Analysts: Wine production jumped in 2018

04/12/2019 - 12:23

In 2018, the world produced a record volume of wine in 15 years: according to the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV). Compared with the previous year, the figure jumped by 17%.

wuestenigel via flickr
wuestenigel via flickr
A total of 292.3 million hectoliters were produced, or 39 billion bottles. The indicator was better than the October OIV forecast. It assumed a growth of 12% compared with 2017, when it had the worst harvest in half a century.

Italy, which increased production by 28.9% to 54.8 million hectoliters, retained the status of the world's largest producer. In terms of growth, however, Spain (+ 36.7%) and France (34.8%) were ahead.

In real terms, Spain became the largest exporter (20.9 million hectoliters), and France (9.3 billion euros) in value terms.

Global wine exports in monetary terms increased by 1.2% in 2018 to € 31.3 billion.

The main consumers of wine were the USA: 33 million hectoliters were drunk in the country. The second place is taken by France, with an indicator of 26.8 million hectoliters.

However, in terms of per capita consumption, Americans are only on 20th place (12.4 liters per person per year). The leaders were the Portuguese, who drank 62.1 liters each year.