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Amazon, Nike interested in buying home fitness equipment manufacturer Peloton

02/07/2022 - 09:07

Amazon and Nike began to consider buying home fitness equipment manufacturer Peloton, the WSJ and FT learned. On the back of this news, the company's shares rose 26%.

Tony Webster
Tony Webster
Amazon was among the companies that are interested in buying the home fitness equipment manufacturer Peloton, sources told The Wall Street Journal. Amazon has been in touch with advisers about the potential deal, they said. The sources noted that there are other companies interested in buying Peloton. At that, there is no guarantee that Amazon or they will make offers to buy or Peloton, which works with its own consultants, will accept them, the newspaper said.

Nike is also considering buying Peloton, the Financial Times said, citing sources. According to them, all discussions are at a preliminary stage. An Amazon spokeswoman declined to comment on "rumors and speculation," a Nike spokeswoman did not respond to a request, and Peloton declined to comment.

Peloton shares were worth $24.6 at the Feb. 4 close, down 15 percent from their September 2019 IPO valuation ($29 per paper). They jumped 26.4 percent after the Feb. 4 close of principal trading on news of interest in it from Amazon and other potential buyers, the WSJ notes.