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15 countries with the happiest employees

12/02/2016 - 15:48

Universum has published its annual Happiness Index, which measures level of employee satisfaction in different countries throughout the world. The company surveyed more than 200 thousand young professionals in 57 countries and comprised the rating.

Universum used a system of points awarded for three main factors: level of employee satisfaction, their willingness to recommend their current employer, and likelihood that the employee will change job in the near future.

The top 10 countries are mainly located Western Europe. The EU and the Nordic countries show particularly high rates.

15. Bulgaria

Working conditions in Bulgaria gradually has improved over time thank to progressive legislation that protects workers' rights to an adequate number of working hours and paid vacation.

14. Romania

Job security is very important for citizens of Romania. Universum notes that an increasing number of foreign companies in the country contributes to stability in this sector. It is noted that if an employer offers a stable work environment, Romanian employees become loyal and happy and do not look for other opportunities.

13. Mexico

Number of working hours is determined clearly in Mexico. Salaries are usually not very high, but this does not affect level of job satisfaction. OECD Better Life Index also shows that Mexicans are satisfied with their jobs.

12. Switzerland

The neighbor of France regularly receives high marks in ratings, and is considered one of the best countries in the world for job search, as the level of job satisfaction here is very high.

11. Germany

Germany is often called the industrial engine of Europe. Employees there work less, but their effectiveness is very high.

10. Czech Republic

High loyalty to employers among Czech nationals is explained by characteristics of Czechs: they are calm and love stability. It is noted that locals are not inclined to gamble, so they change jobs rarely.

9. Hungary

Workers in this small country are the happiest in Eastern Europe.

8. Belgium

Last year, Belgium topped the list, but this year it fell on the 8th place. Employees in Belgium rarely consider job changes. Level of job satisfaction is very high here.

7. Finland

Not only Universum’s study shows that Finns are satisfied with their work. EC report also suggests that only 4.7% of working population in Finland are dissatisfied with their work. This is the lowest level in the EU.

6. Netherlands

People in Netherlands understand that work can be tiresome, so there are clear laws on how many hours each employee should work. Maximum number of hours per day is 9, and maximum number of working hours per week - 45.

5. Austria

Workers in Austria are very satisfied with their work. High salaries are complemented by five weeks’ vacation. In addition, the country has 13 days of national holidays.

Generous maternity benefits contribute to the fact that women have an opportunity to take maternity leave on the last 8 weeks of pregnancy and the first 8 weeks after birth.

4. Sweden

This Scandinavian country pay attention to balance of work and leisure time. 6-hour working day can become a reason to be summoned to the court. Only 1% of population there work more than 50 hours a week. In addition, 480-day maternity leave may be divided between both parents.

3. Costa Rica

It is the only Central American country, which got in the top 10. 

2. Norway

The country preserves its place among leaders in the list of countries with the happiest employees in the world.

1. Denmark

This country was on the 4th place last year, but climbed to 1st place in 2016.

According to Danish law, a company, which employs more than 35 employees, must invite full-time employees to the board of directors. There, they have the same rights and powers as other top managers.