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World's largest copper mine will switch to renewable energy sources

10/09/2019 - 09:55

Escondida copper mine in Chile will switch to renewable energy, said BHP Group’s mine owner Jeff Healey. According to Bloomberg, he told this at a presentation to investors.

The company is in the final stages of negotiations on a long-term contract for the transfer of the mine to renewable sources. BHP expects that this measure will help reduce production costs.

The agency considers BHP’s decision to be another example of the reaction of large companies to calls to step up measures to combat harmful emissions.

In 2013, a law was passed in Chile, according to which, by 2025, 20% of the energy produced in the country should be generated from renewable sources. This resulted in a sharp increase in the number of renewable energy projects.

BHP also plans to completely stop the use of fresh water at the mine by 2030. Last year, the company opened a $ 3.4 billion desalination plant that uses seawater.