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WSJ: Adult content industry is propelling VR technologies

07/19/2018 - 12:23

Each new media format becomes several times more popular when adult content producers start to pay close attention to it. This was true for movies, VHS, Blu-ray, video streaming. Now, this is happening with virtual reality (VR).

pestoverde via flickr
pestoverde via flickr
Naughty America used to be an ordinary company in the adult entertainment market. Five years ago, its founders became interested in the then emerging technologies VR and decided to invest in the production of new content. Now there are 108 VR-movies in its portfolio. But more importantly, Naughty America was the first porn studio to be invited to the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Filming the first VR movie took about two years. The chief information director of the company Ian Paul says in an interview with WSJ that almost everything had to be invented independently. The VR market was so undeveloped that there was nobody to take the example. "We went a very long way in a very short time," says Mr. Paul.

The market for adult VR content has a bright future. According to Piper Jaffray investment bank estimates, its volume will reach approximately $ 1 billion by 2020. This is a fantastic figure, considering that the market is only a few years old, and there is facing a serious problem - the manufacturers are refusing to cooperate.

The vast majority of VR-content is bought through the manufacturers of VR-gadgets. These are Sony, HTC, Samsung and other major IT companies. They are not in a hurry to allow Naughty America products and the like to their online stores. Clients of the adult industry have to download movies to the computer and only then "transfer" them to gadgets.

However, this problem stops nobody. After launching the production of VR-movies, Naughty America's turnover grew only 40% in the first full year. Consumers are actively overpaying for the new format. For manufacturers of equipment, this can play a key role in competition. 

Experts recall that VHS won over Betamax occurred, among other thing, because Sony forbade porn studios to use their technology when shooting. "Look at the history of technology. Those who played against porn, always lost, - the WSJ quotes Mr. Paul. - Of course, we would like everything to happen faster, because this is our business. But it will happen in any case. "