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VW stops production of legendary Beetle

07/10/2019 - 10:51

The Volkswagen concern has stopped production of the Beetle model, one of the most popular cars in history. The last Beetle went off the assembly line on Wednesday at a plant in Mexico, where it has been collected since 1967.

The last Beetle will go to the museum.

Ferdinand Porsche introduced the forerunner of the popular Beetle to the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in 1938. The model was developed as a popular vehicle that was affordable and easy to use.

However, the model did not become popular during World War II.

The rebirth of the Beetle happened in the postwar years. By 1955, more than a million Volkswagen models were produced. In the 1960s, the car received the official name "Beetle" and became world famous. Successful design and layout have been keeping the model popular for many years.

The engine, located in the rear, successfully loaded the rear axle, providing excellent traction in difficult conditions.

The Beetle has been updated more than once and different versions have been released. In 1997, Volkswagen introduced a new Beetle - the model was supplemented with developments from the Volkswagen Golf, and the engine was moved forward. Since 2003, the concern VW began to produce an updated version of Beetle - Beetle New.

Beetles were used in the police and ambulance services. After 80 years of triumph, the model is finally becoming a rarity.