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Ukrainian authorities estimate damage to the country's ecology at $76B

03/06/2023 - 10:15

Ruslan Strelets, Ukraine's Minister of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources, claimed that the country's ecosystem had suffered losses of 3 trillion hryvnias (roughly $76 billion) as a result of hostilities on its soil.

Dmitry Muravsky
Dmitry Muravsky
He claims that some of Ukraine's natural resources are irretrievably gone.

"We have already calculated the losses: UAH 3 trillion of environmental damage - pollution of land, air, burned forests, destroyed natural resources... Almost 3 million hectares of forests were damaged - this is almost a third of Ukraine's forest areas, 500 thousand hectares are currently under occupation or in the war zone," Mr. Strelets said at the United for Justice conference in Lviv.

Ukrainian authorities accuse the Russian army of ecocide in Ukraine because of the devastating effects of hostilities on the environment. Countering ecocide is one of the points of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky's "peace formula," which was rejected by Russia.



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