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USA calls to stop using vaporizers because of lung disease

09/10/2019 - 06:53

At least five people died in the United States due to a serious lung disease that could be caused by cannabis or nicotine vaporizers, writes WSJ. Authorities called on citizens to refrain from vaping for the duration of the investigation.

Vaping360 via flickr
Vaping360 via flickr
The US Department of Health called on citizens to refrain from using electronic cigarettes and other vaporizers due to several cases of serious lungs diseases and deaths from it. Authorities are conducting an investigation. The first results indicated clinical similarities among the victims, according to a statement by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Most of the respondents admitted that they recently used vaporizers. Many mentioned cannabinoids, the smaller group told about nicotine devices, and a significant part of both said they used both. No signs of infection were found in all examined. Experts suggested that the cause of lung disease was a chemical effect. But it’s too early to talk about one product common to all cases, the CDC said.

By early September, more than 25 states had reported lung diseases that are thought to be related to electronic cigarettes, including the devices themselves, liquids, capsules, and cartridges. CDC is aware of at least two deaths, with about 450 cases being studied.

The organization urged Americans who smoke and use vaporizers to closely monitor the health and possible symptoms of the disease, including coughing, chest pain, nausea, and fever. CDC strongly discourages buying products on the streets and modifying the devices.

At least five people have recently died of serious lung disease, according to state reports, The Wall Street Journal points out. A study by authorities in New York revealed traces of vitamin E acetate in some devices. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) called on people not to buy cannabis-containing formulas. At the same time, the organization also added that it is too early to link illness and death with vitamin E or marijuana.

A representative of the largest seller of electronic cigarettes in the US Juul told WSJ that the company was closely monitoring the progress of the investigation. Vitamin E or any cannabis derivatives are not used in Juul products, the source said. A spokeswoman for Reynolds, which owns Vuse, the second-largest vaporizer brand in the US, said the company was pleased that authorities had found the resources to thoroughly investigate the incident.