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US General Motors plants to go on nationwide strike

09/14/2019 - 11:25

Workers at General Motors Co factories went on nationwide strike on Monday. It has become the largest strike of United Auto Workers (UAW) union in more than a decade, Dow Jones writes.

Dwight Burdette
Dwight Burdette
Union leaders called for a strike amid stalled negotiations on a new four-year labor agreement with GM. UAW leaders across the country overwhelmingly voted in support of the strike on Sunday, giving almost 46,000 workers at 31 GM plants an order to leave jobs or stay home. UAW confirmed the start of the strike in a statement on Monday.

According to MarketWatch, more than 49,000 union members went on strike. Workers closed 33 manufacturing facilities in nine US states, as well as 22 distribution warehouses.

One stumbling block between the union and the company was GM’s November decision to close four plants in the United States, which was opposed by UAW members. The union is also pushing for higher wages for workers, greater job security and benefits at a time when GM is trying to cut costs.

According to UAW Vice President, the strike is an extreme measure, but it is necessary because the parties are far from concluding a new agreement. “We really understand what difficulties it can lead to,” ру said, adding at the same time: “We stand for fair wages, affordable medical care, and for our share of the profit.”

Meanwhile, GM representatives said they proposed raising workers' salaries and investing $ 7 billion in plants in the United States, which would lead to creation of 5.4 thousand new jobs.