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U.S. introduces COVID-19 testing for airline passengers from China

12/29/2022 - 09:37

U.S. officials will mandate coronavirus testing for Chinese airline passengers starting on January 5, according to an announcement from the Center of Disease Ccontrol. Similar policies might be implemented in the UK.

UN Women/Pathumporn Thongking
UN Women/Pathumporn Thongking
People two years of age and older are subject to the U.S. requirement. The tests must be completed two days prior to departure from China, Hong Kong, or Macao.

In light of a rise in cases in China, health officials stated that they seek to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Additionally, they state that they believe there is "lack of adequate and transparent data" on the outbreak.

A U.S. official stated at the briefing that the PRC's increasing incidence of COVID-19 cases "increases the potential of novel varieties". He did draw attention to the paucity of information on the coronavirus strains that are circulating in China.

Chinese nationals have previously been subject to limitations in Malaysia, Italy, Japan, India, and Japan. The Telegraph claims that Britain is also thinking about requiring tests for Chinese citizens.