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Two key elements for a breakthrough in your life

08/07/2020 - 09:01

You have already reached a certain point, but the next step is so far away that you cannot even think about how to get there on your own? A breakthrough is needed. And for such a dramatic increase in the result, it will be useful to receive help and invest.

Let's take a look at each of these components separately.

Get help

This is nothing new, because really the first thing you need to make a breakthrough is getting help. The help can be in the form of coaching or a responsible partner, someone who can look at your situation from the outside, with an open mind, and define the best path to success. This should be someone who will not hesitate to criticize you and whom you can trust to do so. It’s even better if you can find someone who was in your situation before, and now is where you want to go.

You must do this because you yourself simply cannot get where you want to go. For many reasons, our brains and our behavior are controlled by our beliefs. These beliefs are born of personal experience and reactions to it.

Good, bad or irrelevant, these beliefs create certain patterns. And stagnation catches up with us precisely when we use familiar and convenient patterns. There is no shame in accepting someone else's help. There is nothing to be afraid or shy about here.


In order to make a breakthrough, you will have to make a relatively inconvenient investment in yourself. Most people, hearing this word, immediately ask: "Well, how much will it cost me?" Unfortunately, this is only half of the equation (or even less).

You have to invest more of your time than of your money.

Throughout your life, you will earn and lose money, get and spend. You can replenish your financial sources despite spending. The situation is different with time. Wasted time cannot be returned. There is an analogy comparing life to a roll of toilet paper. As it gets thinner, it goes out faster and faster. And as soon as it ends, it is no longer there, and you definitely do not want to reuse it.

Time is the only valuable resource that we possess (and it is still a moot point whether we really “possess” it). To achieve results quickly, we need to slow down. The same principle works with investment of time. Many people are so absorbed in endless daily tasks that the idea of deliberately taking a piece of their time away in order to invest it in themselves seems like a waste of their resources. But this opinion is wrong.

The need to invest in a breakout can seem extremely awkward and downright scary. You will have strong doubts about where to get the budget and time for this. And, most likely, your first answer will be: "But I don't want to do this!"

However, if you take thirty to sixty seconds to really think about what you might end up with, your brain will say, “Wait… This doesn't seem so bad! I think I can handle it!” For many, the idea of taking two hours a week out of their schedule seems ridiculous. But then, when they understand how these two hours will benefit them, it will not be difficult for them to find “windows” in their schedule, which then turn into five or six hours. Sometimes even the entire day!

If we talk about money, can you sacrifice something to get what you want? For example, give up a cup of your "Italian-like" coffee? Or exclude one trip to the restaurant a month? And have one less drink at the bar? If making a breakthrough in life really matters to you, can you look for resources to do so?

The components of a breakthrough are known to everyone, the difficulty is in connecting everything together. Try to surprise yourself.

Based on “Master Your Mind. Counterintuitive Strategies to Refocus and Re-Energize Your Runaway Brain” by Roger Seip and Robb Zbierski

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