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Trump threatens to impose additional duties on French wine

07/29/2019 - 11:34

The US readiness to impose duties on wine is associated with the "digital tax" adopted by France because of "foolishness" of President Macron, Head of the US White House said.

US President Donald Trump threatened to introduce penalties on French wine imported into his country. This intention, announced on Trump’s Twitter on Friday, July 26, is associated with a new French “digital tax” that will affect US corporations.

"In the near future, we will announce significant retaliatory actions against Macron’s foolishness. I have always said that American wine is better than French wine," Head of the White House said. Countermeasures can affect not only wine, he added.

In July, France announced a 3 percent fee on local revenues of technology giants; it will concern companies like Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. The new tax will affect not only American, but also Asian and European companies.

In June, Donald Trump was already threatening French wine with duties. Then he complained that wines from the United States are taxed in France at a higher rate than French wines in the United States.