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Trump lost the first presidential debate

09/27/2016 - 14:37

The first debate of the US presidential candidates brought victory to Democrat Hillary Clinton. According to a national survey, former Secretary of State was supported by more than half of respondents, that is, 11% more than gained Republican Donald Trump. A survey among African-Americans and Hispanics showed the most significant break. Most of women also felt that Clinton was more convincing.

Michael Vadon, Gage Skidmore
Michael Vadon, Gage Skidmore
The Trump-Clinton debates are the most rated political show in the US history. Their audience in advance is estimated at 100 million people, which is equal to that of American football cup-final. 

There was a clear majority of Clinton’s supporters in a campus of Hofstra University, which is not surprising. Statistics show that the State of New York is devoted to Democrats. However, the debate itself was targeted on those voters who were still on a fence about voting for someone particular.  

Support groups showed up first. Trump's daughter Ivanka coldly shook hands with Bill Clinton. Before the debate, Trump threatened to send an invitation to Clinton’s former passion Jennifer Flowers, but eventually changed his mind. Clinton, in turn, has kept her promise, and invited Mark Cuban, an anti-Trump kind of billionaire, to sear in the first row. Apparently, he was supposed to put the Republican candidate out of temper.

The dollar-euro pair has grown significantly after the debate ($ 1.1244 compared with $ 1.1254 at the close of the previous session). The Mexican peso, traditionally strongly reacts to Trump’s rating, jumped against the dollar by 2%. Markets like more predictable Clinton’s policy, analysts say. 

During the debate, Trump was constantly misled by his habit to rely on false, unreliable and, moreover, easy to refute information, wrote liberal-oriented The Washington Post and CNN. CNN audited the candidates’ statements on ten discussed issues, and caught five times Trump on outright lies. WP analyzed 22 discussion points, and it turned out that Trump made false or misleading statements on 12 of them.

Clinton cleverly used Trump’s weaknesses, noted the US media. During the heated debate, she directly encourages viewers to check her website for the discussed facts, and accused opponents of racism, hypocrisy, and in "dwelling in his own little world." Trump did not leave this unanswered and accused her of hypocrisy, arrogance and incompetence. Yet eventually, Clinton had Trump defending, clearly showing she was prepared better, writes The Wall Street Journal.

The beginning of direct debates shows that the US presidential race has entered the home stretch. There is less than one and a half months before election day on November 8. According to results of national surveys, the candidates were going stride for stride with each other, with a difference at a level of statistical error. Clinton and Trump still have two TV meeting to hold.

Most of experts are sure that Clinton will win the debate, yet it is unclear how exactly voters will rate the discussion, warned Financial Times. The newspaper refers to an express poll by Public Policy Polling. It shows that only 51% of respondents supported Clinton. 40% were for Trump and 9% remained undecided. In addition, during the Republican primaries, Trump’s ratings fell after each debate, but then returned to a previous state.