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Travis Kalanick quits Donald Trump's advisory council

02/03/2017 - 15:25

General Director of Uber Travis Kalanick left the group of advisors on business issues to Donald Trump. The decision was taken under pressure society and his company’s team, reports Reuters.

LeWeb London
LeWeb London
Founder of American company Uber Travis Kalanick resigned from Donald Trump's advisory council. Kalanick informed Head of state that he cannot keep working there after Trump signed a decree to toughen immigration policy.

Uber’s Head of the he indicates in a letter that he "told to President that I could not stay in the council." "Joining the group was not supposed to mean full support for President and his decisions, but in fact it has been interpreted differently", - he explained.

According to Reuters, Kalanick was criticized bitterly by community activists dissatisfied with Trump’s decision to restrict entry into the United States from a number of Muslim countries. Uber drivers, many of whom are immigrants, also were among the critics.

Social media unfolded a campaign directed against the Uber – users called to delete the app and swing toward competing service LYFT Inc. After that, Uber e-mailed angry users saying that the company shares their concerns and will pay compensation to drivers affected by the ban.

Earlier, Kalanick promised legal assistance in returning to the country to those Uber drivers who are currently located outside the United States. The company intends to allocate $ 3 million for realization of this plan. Head of the company promised Uber drivers compensate their lost earnings.

Kalanick said earlier that he stands for change in the USA’s migration policy, yet emphasized in his address to the staff that Trump’s current would affect interests of many United States residents. "Families are separated, and there is an unpleasant feeling that the United States are ceasing to be a country that welcomes immigrants from other countries," - says Kalanick, who had to come to the advisory council on Friday.

The White House has not yet commented on Kalanick’s decision.

Reuters reports that other members of the advisory board, which includes many members of the American business elite, are now under pressure. In particular, executive director of Walt Disney Co has refused to attend the meeting on Friday, excusing himself by need to attend a previously scheduled meeting of the company’s board.

In addition to Uber’s CEO, the council of 16 people includes founder of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk, Head of Disney Bob Iger, Head of IBM Ginni Rometty, CEO of PepsiCo Indra Nooyi and others. They are supposed to share with Trump "their experience and knowledge" as the US President works on his economic program.