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Top-Five Scientific News: Tablets Instead of Bicycles and the Longest Flight Ever

09/09/2015 - 15:52

Here are the five hottest news from innovations world

Sage Ross
Sage Ross
1. The longest flight

The world of civil aviation has got a new record. One of the Middle Eastern carriers announced the launch of nonstop flights on the longest routes in the world. It will connect Dubai to Panama City, capital of the eponymous state in Central America. Boeing-777-200LR will overcome the distance of almost 14 thousand kilometers in 17 and a half hours during a flight to the west, and "only" 15 hours 45 minutes on the way back.

2. Technology against alcohol

One of Japanese railway stations has started to test a system automatically detect drunken passengers. A special program analyzes images from the cameras, and notifies staff if someone sits too long, roams, and so on. The creators emphasize that all this is done for the sake of security - for drunk people not to fall, for example, on the rails.

3. Healthy sleep

Side sleeping is better - proved scientific researchers from New York. During the experiments, involved mice, they found exactly this position is most effective for your brain to get rid of waste accumulated during the day. This was amply demonstrated by the results of brain imaging of lymph tract.

4. Tablet instead of a bicycle

Inventors from Japan probably have created a real city transport of the future. It's a small platform size of a tablet, fits in any bag and is capable of surprisingly frisky go on their little wheels. One charge lasts for 12 kilometers, the maximum speed - 10 kilometers per hour. The device is controlled by body slopes forward, backward and sideways. The tablet on wheels can transpor not only people, but also, for example, heavy bags, which also adds to the chance to win the market.

5. See like a fly

Scientists at the Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne created an artificial fly's eyes. It differs from the human by that it does not see tiny details and cannot focus, but perfectly captures the slightest movements, and sees not only the front but also the sides as it consists of small primitive eyes. Here electronics copies from nature.


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