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Top 5 Breakthroughs for Soldiers of the Future

07/27/2015 - 17:05

Projects on creation of the soldiers of the future exist in many countries around the world. Many of them are quite promising. Here is the top 5 developments of future soldier equipment (of course, those that are not blacked out).

US Army -
US Army -
Armed forces of the USA and other countries, as well as government agencies such as DARPA, continue to develop high-tech armor, sensors, communications equipment and other devices in the various projects on the soldier of the future.

Improved vision, strength, speed, reaction, protection, firepower, situational awareness – those are the abilities that soldiers should acquire in the future.

Special augmented reality glasses, prepared for use in the mode of fighting, will snap everything the soldier sees. In addition, they may contain a wealth of information and functions. For example, give navigational hints based on intelligence as well as tranlate from different languages in real time.

Body armor of the next generation, strangely enough, would return to the principle of chain mail, used to protect soldiers in the Middle Ages. Only now, instead of the small rings, plates of heavy-duty and at the same time, light alloys are going to be used. The ringmail of the future will resemble fish scales, providing its owner good protection while still allowing easy and quick maneuvers.

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in conjunction with the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) are developing material, allowing the plates to bend if necessary. The principle of such a material is based on the fish scales. Each individual lamella is attached to the soft tissue, which makes the design incredibly flexible.

Ultimately, this armor can be adapted to different tasks. Scaled layers can be arranged in different proportions on the torso or legs, depending on the specifics of running operations.

A future soldier’s exoskeleton will not resemble costume of Iron Man of the famous comic book series. At least in the near future. Instead, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) under the program Warrior Web develops the most lightweight and flexible exoskeleton that could fit under the clothes of any warrior.

Such a suit, consisting largely of electrical wires and springs, is currently on trial. Subsequently, it will be able to help a soldier lift more weight than he could make alone, as well as improve the overall endurance.

Why do it? In addition to the heavy lifting, soldiers in this suit will be able to run longer and faster, get less tired during uphill climbs, and so on.. In other words, the exoskeleton will allow spending less energy on physical work, concentrating on the task at hand.

Outfitting of a soldier of the future cannot go without drones. Pocket drones. 18 grams drone PD-100 Black Hornet is undergoing tests at the US Army. Developed by Prox Dynamics, the device of a hummingbird’s size can be carried in a pocket. The drone is easily alerting and can comb out the area within a radius of a kilometer away from the master recording the flight on video. Also, there is a function of photographing the area.

The soldiers of the future will have self-guided ammunition, capable of changing their flight path. In February, DARPA in the framework of the development of high-precision sniper fire safe (EXACTO) conducted tests of modified cartridges based on 0.50-caliber.

Released with than 100 million units to date, an AK-47 is the fifth part of all firearms in the world. We can assume that its modification, AK-12, will be an inherent part of the future soldier equipment.

The updated unit will receive an optical sight, removable barrel grenade launcher and a removable telescopic folding handle.