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Three open-thinking lessons for leaders

09/20/2019 - 10:56

A true leader can change minds, create cool teams and resolve conflicts of all sizes with the help of a basic idea: think about people and you will be happy. Let's see how this idea can be brought to life.

1. Focus on others

One of the most difficult actions in a team is to feel your role in the success of another person. It is important to show mutual assistance and support when you are playing with your team. If there are two different departments in the office that conflict with each other, combine them to solve the problem of increasing sales. Find out what their problems are, who and whom is bothering them, how to remove these obstacles and organize work. If you communicate with clients, then put their interests in the first place. Learn to act for the collective goal.

2. Assign personal responsibility

What is most important: planning or execution? And what do you like more: to think over the idea down to the smallest detail or to implement into life what others have written? If you can’t answer this question, then just remember your childhood. Do you like to follow instructions of your parents or carefully think out plans for the weekend?

Think about the fact that many company employees are constantly forced to realize someone’s dreams and plans. Give people the opportunity to propose and think through an idea. Find a way to implement it. Involve employees in your goal search process. It is not always worthwhile to think over to the smallest detail of someone's role. Perhaps someone will surprise you when you believe in his strength.

3. Be humble

Do you like modest people? Delicate, attentive and intelligent, who listen to you and do not interrupt. Do not boast of a raise and a large salary. Do not brag. Think about it: do you often see such people in leadership positions? But modesty is an important feature of a true leader. It implies absence of differences and comparisons, and also the privileges that elevate the collective. Put your desk closer to the workers. Be simpler and more modest: it captivates.

It is very easy to be hated. But it is much more interesting, logical and effective to do exactly the opposite. To be an example. Think of others. Let people express themselves. Show a modest smile, rejoicing at how brilliantly your plan worked. Open thinking supports development and encourages people around you, and the results speak for themselves.

Based on "The Outward Mindset. Seeing Beyond Ourselves" by The Arbinger Institute

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