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The world is on the brink of a global bicycle shortage

06/18/2021 - 03:51

Every country in the world is on the brink of a bicycle shortage due to an incredible increase in demand for the product during a pandemic.

The Guardian reports that Halfords, a major British sports and travel equipment chain, has shared its global forecasts.

Halfords CEO Graham Stapleton warned of a possible bike shortage, citing how the company managed to improve its financial performance during the coronavirus restrictions. Since April 2020, the retailer's pre-tax profits have risen 184 per cent to £64.5 million ($89.99 million), with total Halfords sales up nearly 14 per cent to £1.3 billion ($1.8 billion).

UK residents have switched to two-wheelers to maintain an active lifestyle in the pandemic. The bicycle and scooter have served as alternatives to minibuses. The population is also buying up electric scooters and electric bicycles. Consumer behaviour is also linked to a desire to move away from air-polluting diesel-powered transport in the fight against climate change.

Several US cities changed their transport infrastructure in favour of cyclists and pedestrians during the pandemic. Authorities in the US city of San Francisco closed a major highway bordering the Pacific Ocean beach for cars. Many residents liked the initiative, so much so that they insisted on keeping the new rules on the roads permanently.