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The US Blames China for "Not Being Able to Solve the North Korea's Nuclear Problem"

01/08/2016 - 13:16

China's Foreign Ministry did not agree with a statement of US Secretary of State John Kerry that Beijing has not coped with solving the North Korean nuclear problem.

Joseph Ferris III via flickr
Joseph Ferris III via flickr
"I want to stress that we all know from what the North Korean nuclear problem arose. The problem’s origins are not in China, neither there is the key to its solution," - said spokesman of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Hua Chunying at a briefing on Friday.

She noted that China has been working and continues to work to ensure peace, stability and security on the Korean peninsula. "This is for benefit of all parties, and China has made active efforts in this direction", - said the diplomat.

Hua Chunying reiterated China's position on the problem and called on North Korea to comply with international commitments and stop actions that stir up the situation in the region.

According to US Secretary of State John Kerry, China was unable to cope with the role of the main instrument of pressure on the DPRK on the issue of North Korean atom.

"China had a different approach (to North Korea), we have agreed to provide it with the space to implement this approach. Today, in an interview with the Chinese, I clearly indicated that it did not work, and we cannot act as before," - Kerry said to reporters.

As the Chinese Foreign Ministry reported previously, Foreign Minister Wang Yi had a telephone conversation with US Secretary of State. In particular, the sides discussed the nuclear issues of North Korea and Iran. As noted in the statement on the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website, Wang Yi " reiterated that China will make every effort for the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and is ready for contacts with all the parties involved, including the United States".

Fleet Commander Vice Admiral Joseph Aucoin said that the United States Seventh Fleet is constantly monitoring the situation in the Korean Peninsula after Pyongyang’s announcement on the thermonuclear test.

He said on Friday that the fleet’s ships are constantly patrolling the area and are closely monitoring the situation, having omitted detailed clarification, informs The Associated Press.

However, the military commander has warned that North Korea will not feel safe until it abandon nuclear development.

"We want them to renounce all nuclear activities and to fulfill their international obligations and commitments. If they do not do it, they will not reach prosperity, nor the state of security sought. They will live in isolation," - said the admiral.

January 6, DPRK Central TV reported the first successful test of the hydrogen bomb.

The UN Security Council strongly condemned Pyongyang's alleged hydrogen bomb test. The statement adopted unanimously noted that the hydrogen bomb test a directly violates previous resolutions of the Council. In this regard, the Security Council intends to prepare another resolution for the DPRK and to expand sanctions against Pyongyang.  


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