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Telegraph: Lockheed Martin to build satellite plant in UK

02/20/2023 - 09:47

According to Paul Livingston, the chairman of Lockheed Martin's British branch, the American military-industrial conglomerate aims to erect a satellite manufacturing facility in the United Kingdom.

Alan Wilson
Alan Wilson
The business is seeking suppliers in the Newcastle region, where the UK already has a core for space companies, the newspaper claims.

The newspaper reports that if the government invites competitive bids for the next stage of its military communications program Skynet, worth six billion pounds, "Paul Livingston (the company) is willing to invest, which might create 2000 jobs in the United Kingdom."

According to the newspaper, Airbus is currently producing the satellites for the Skynet network, and a fresh batch will be ordered shortly. While acknowledging that a new facility's investment does not depend on winning the competition, Livingstone thinks that the country should be welcoming to new providers.