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Swedish company produces the world's first 'green' steel without coal

08/20/2021 - 07:49

Swedish company Hybrit announced delivery of the world's first batch of steel to a customer that did not use coking coal in its production.

As noted in the statement of Hybrit, production of this batch used hydrogen instead of coal. The order for "green" steel was placed by truck manufacturer Volvo AB.

Hybrit (Hydrogen Breakthrough Ironmaking Technology) was created in 2016 by steel company SSAB, mining company LKAB and energy company Vattenfall specifically to find ways to produce hot-briquetted iron and then steel without using fossil fuels. 

The project aims to fundamentally change the steel industry, which accounts for 8 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions due to the use of fossil fuels. The company is replacing coal with hydrogen and electricity in the production of which no hydrocarbons are used.

Tests of green steel production were launched a year ago at the Hybrit plant in northern Sweden. In June of this year the first batch of hot-briquetted iron, also without the use of hydrocarbon fuel, was produced. This iron was used to produce the first batch of "green" steel. Hybrit expects that from 2026 they will be able to start production of such steel on an industrial scale.